Karetta Ayakkabı Designing Team is constantly researching and developing new trends for every season. In order to prevent any delays in production, we are researching new techniques to answer to all potential production demands of our customers. Our factory, which is directly producing all models and designs coming from our foreign customers, only uses the best quality of leather, soles and ergonomic material coming from the best known foreign providers. Our leathers come from leading Italian companies like Ambassador, Brotini, Sciarada and our soles from internationally known companies like Analco and Procalcado

The production process begins with the booking of orders. The orders are loaded on the production program. Every shoe has its own stock card in this system, which includes information about material contents and also the current production process of the shoe. After the order is registered, the necessary material gets identified. Our buying department buys the material and the material is placed through the production process with its corresponding production order. Throughout all processes the material stays with its production order to ensure the maximum efficiency of our staff. Karetta Ayakkabı works with an automation production line and with a sound computer system following each step of the production process. This way we monitor every step of the orders and shoe production process ourselves.

The leather first comes to the cutting department. In this first process, the leather gets cut by five computer controlled leather cutting machines and professional staff. Per day 800 pairs of uppers are carved in an accurate way and sent to the stitching department

Our stitching department consists of a core group of 50 professional and long-term staff. This group stitches about 800 pairs of shoes a day. We have 80 machines that also support the stitching process. After we adapt fort, toe box and accessory to the uppers in the rekapte department the shoes go to the montage department.

Assembly usually works with two front montages and one back montage machine in synchrony with the automation line system. The back part revisions are performed by hand machines. A few special and exceptional articles are lasted by hand, depending on the material and shape. The assembly process is completed in a very accurate and professional way.

The packaging department takes over the production process after the shoe comes out of its last stage at the assembly line. In this department the remainder of the production process is finalized. The orthopedic foot pads are put into the shoes, which give the shoes comfortable orthopedic function. The shoes undergo final revisions. After receiving quality control confirmation, the shoes get placed into their addressed boxes. Until their date of delivery the boxes wait in our stockroom.

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