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Karetta Ayakkabı San. Tic. Ltd. ŞTİ. was founded in 1996. We pride ourselves with being the first footwear producer in the Aegean Free Zone. Since 2010 our factory is located in the Aegean Free Zone with an area of 4500 m2. Our company has been honored by several certificates by the Izmir Chamber of Commerce as the highest earner of foreign Exchange and highest tax rate payer. While our first aim was to cater our production and trade only to the Turkish domestic market, starting in 1999 our factory started exporting internationally. Our exports have expanded from a quantity of 2,000 pairs reaching a quantity of about 100,000 pairs per year. Among our export countries you can find the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Italy, Greece, Saudi Arabia, and Georgia. Our product portfolio includes women’s footwear, short boots, long boots, men’s footwear, and sandals. Our factory produces a size range of 36 up to 46 also with broken sizes and several last widths in S, M, L, and XL. Our distributor customers are able to ship our products directly from their stockrooms to 425 retail stores without any need for further quality control. We ensure maximum efficiency by engaging in all steps of footwear production as a process within our factory, including material quality assurance, logistics and operations with our retail customer. All our articles and order information are labeled on the boxes we ship.


Karetta adheres to a vision of production in line with European Standards, prioritizing podiatric health without compromising quality. We ensure an environmentally sustainable working whilst providing quality material and guaranteeing the quality of our final products. Karetta Ayakkabı knows best that our future is prepared by our present. We are aiming to reach even higher quality standards, achieving more environment-friendly production methods and cooperating with worldwide brands and stores.

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